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I own a local restaurant here in Cumming and have been using J. Martin's for all of our kitchen repair and maintenance for the past two years. Joe and his staff are very professional, always on time, and perform great work at honest prices! I would recommend them for any refrigeration or hot equipment repair. After nearly 15 years in business I can honestly say they are the best I've come across!

Paril G

Thank you very much for your super service! The two gentlemen that came to clean my dryer vent were very professional. They were in and out in a Jiffy. did a great Job!

Jonathan K.

Called from our owner at Which Wich in Duluth when our oven, walk in freezer and cooler shut down from a tripped breaker. Came within 20 minutes of being called and fixed the problem in 10 minutes. Saved us dozens of customers and wasn't stingy about being here at all. Perfect work from Joe at J. Martins. Would recommend to anyone with electrical problems.

Alex T.

We recently purchased a home that was built in the early 90s and I do not believe the duct work had ever been cleaned. This company did an amazing job-so thorough and the crew was very efficient and considerate. Love the freshness of our new home!!! Would highly recommend these guys!!!

Connie T.

When my dryer stopped working, I called J. Martin's Appliance Repair immediately, and they were able to provide same-day service. This father and son team did a thorough assessment of the problem, provided me with a comprehensive understanding of what caused the problem, and immediately began the repairs. I am so relieved that during the assessment process, they checked my dryer vent and discovered the remnants of birds' nests and other material that had been blocking the air from flowing through the vent properly, which ultimately caused overheating and damage to some of the parts in my dryer. So, not only did they repair the damage to my dryer, but they also resolved the issue that caused the damage in the first place, by thoroughly clearing and cleaning the vent, and ultimately preventing a serious fire hazard! Now, this is what I call "EXEMPLARY PROFESSIONAL CUSTOMER SERVICE!" I will definitely be using the services of J. Martin's Appliance Repair again, and plan to schedule a regular annual cleaning of my dryer vent with this outstanding company!

Nancye L.

My service request was for dryer duct cleaning, but Joe heard my story about my dryer and what the 'warranty' repair folks had done and he knew I was probably going to have more issues.... He took the time to check some things on my dryer and gave me a list of what the warranty folks needed to also address. That level of customer service will keep me coming back. Back to the dryer duct cleaning... Joe did an initial cleaning but wasn't happy with the first pass and said, "I'm coming back with my new machine". WOW Wow!, when Joe was done with my dryer duct, it was like having all new duct work. The 'junk' that came out of the line was unbelievable. Most of all, the hazard that Joe has now eliminated by completely clearing the duct that was lined with so much lint. If you haven't had your dryer duct cleaned in a while... Call J. Martin.

Brenda B.

This company is OUTSTANDING! The price for their services is more than fair. They are honest. Integrity and professionalism - those are 2 words that come to my mind when describing J. Martin's Appliance Repair. I can definitely recommend them and will use them again if I ever need to. Thank you!

Jakob A.